Hexo Mini 01.04

Hexo Mini 01.04



Size:60.1 MB

Date Added:23 October, 2014

Author: Appracatappra, LLC.

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Hexo includes the following new and exciting games, all played on a hexagonal board with up to four human or AI players:

If you like crosswords, you'll love Hex-n-Spell, a new twist on an old favorite. Take your wordplay to a new dimension and spell words in three fun directions. Overlay existing tiles to form new words. Discover hidden, magic multipliers and take your score to the next level! Get definitions on all words played*.

Words and Suits Deluxe is Hex-n-Spell taken to the next level! Use it's unique blend of letters with the suits from a deck of cards to form two pairs, three of a kind, four of a kind or a full house for up to a 5x word score. Like Hex-n-Spell, overlay existing tiles to form new words and get definitions on all words played*.

An unusual take on everyone's favorite game of cards, lay down straight runs like 2, 3, 4 or Jack, Queen, King on a hex board to score it big. Aces play either high or low and Jokers are wild! Discover why the Joker's Wild and the Courts Gone Mad, play Runaway Straights today!

It's dominoes taken to the next dimension! Match three sides of dice played on the unique hexagonal board to send your score into the stratosphere! Special "bunny" dice are wildcats and will play anywhere. Easy to learn, devilish to master, Tumbling Dice will push you to the limits the longer you play!

*-Hexo includes a 180,000 plus word dictionary, most words with definitions
No one to play with? Compete against one or more challenging AI personalities: the Queen of Hearts, the Queen of Diamonds, the Queen of Clubs or the Queen of Spades! Adjust their smarts to fit your needs.

* Integrated with Game Center! Report your scores and shoot to the top of our leader boards. Win challenging Achievements.
* Multi Player - Play against other people or one of our four AI personalities on a single iPhone
* Learn to play each game with built in quick help
* Save each game type separately
* 180,000 word dictionary, most all words with definition
* Lookup or browse the dictionary at any time
* Overlay existing tiles on the board to form new plays
* Can have up to two tiles touching that don't form a word
* Hidden or card suit bonuses
* Joker's Wild and special Wildcard Dice

A magic mix of wordplay, cards and dice... Hexo is the Board Game Redefined!

System Requirements: Requires iOS 5.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

Systems: iOS

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